CFA Program Identification Policy

01 / 01 / 2013
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CFA Institute requires an international travel passport* from every candidate. This policy sets forth one global standard, in the form of a single document that is both internationally obtainable and recognizable, that allows us to confirm the identity of our candidates, and to ensure that all candidates receive identical treatment during the exam day admissions process.

This policy applies to all new and returning candidates, and is strictly enforced.

It is your responsibility to read and understand the instructions and requirements below.

  • You must enter and verify your valid international travel passport* information to enroll in and register for the CFA Program.
  • If your passport information changes (e.g., name, expiration date, passport number, country of issuance), update your CFA Institute account by submitting an Identification Information Change Request Form (PDF). Once submitted, processing may take up to two weeks.
  • You must present your international travel passport* on exam day, and the name†, date of birth, passport number, expiration date, and country of issuance on your passport must match exactly the information you provided to CFA Institute.
  • On exam day, if you do not present a valid international travel passport or the information in our records does not match the information on your passport, you will not be permitted to take the exam and you will forfeit your registration fee. Failure by proctors to detect an invalid passport does not imply the passport is valid or that your results will ultimately be reported.

to view the full policy, please visit the CFA Institute website,

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