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Level III is the last stage of your CFA exams and presents a very different challenge to the earlier levels.

The topics have a strong focus on wealth planning and portfolio management, with some subjects (such as financial statement analysis) dropping altogether. Instead of studying the valuation tools you learnt at Level II, you now need to understand investor psychology and consider each asset class in a portfolio context.

As such, your studying needs to adapt to a new level, holistic in viewpoint, and addressing the practicalities of essay questions in the exam.


CFA Level III candidates need to approach their studying with a different mindset to the previous levels. Quartic is proud to be introducing Education Masterclasses for the June 2019 exam.

Masterclasses are designed to provide candidates with a deep understanding of the more complex concepts within the CFA Level III curriculum.

While some of the easier topics can be readily absorbed using the Quartic Online facilities, the Masterclasses have been designed to offer candidates a practical yet exam-focused view of the more technical areas. The flexible and thematic structure enables candidates to use their study time as effectively and productively as possible, deciding for each area whether to study face-to-face, via webinar, or with Quartic Online.

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The CFA Level III exam is held once a year on the first Saturday in June.

There are a variety of test centre locations worldwide. Please see CFA Institute website for details.

The exam is 6 hours long, split into a morning and afternoon paper, which at Level III have different styles. The morning paper contains “constructed response” questions. This is a written paper in which each question component requires the candidate to circle an answer, write a few sentences, show a calculation, explain a statement, and so on. The afternoon paper contains item sets in the same style as Level II.


Level III has a strong focus on wealth planning and portfolio management. Some of the previous topic areas are dropped. The Level III curriculum consists of:

  • Ethical And Professional Standards
  • Economics
  • Equity Investments
  • Fixed Income
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative Investments
  • Portfolio Management


Having passed both previous levels, Level III presents the final hurdle. Passing the Level III exam will:

  • Allow you to apply for your charter (assuming you have the necessary work experience)
  • Show your continued commitment to the program
  • Highlight your continued commitment to high standards of ethics
  • Provide you with real life portfolio management skills


In order to enrol for Level III you need to:

  • Have passed Level II
  • Be in possession of a valid international passport
  • Sign the statement of professional conduct and pay exam fees to CFA Institute
  • Be able to write basic sentences in English

Your study options for CFA Level III are as follows.

  1. Distance Learning: Quartic Online (a) + Quartic printed materials (b) + Tutor Support (c) = £995.00*
  2. Distance Online Only: Quartic Online (a) + Tutor Support (c) = £695.00*
  3. Distance Plus: Quartic Online (a) + Quartic printed materials (b) + Tutor support (c) + Revision course (d) + Mock exam = £1,675.00*
  4. Revision Only: Quartic revision materials + Revision course (d) + Mock exam = £1,360.00*
  5. Core: Quartic Online (a) + Quartic printed materials (b) + Tutor support (c) + Revision course (d) + Mock exam + Education Masterclasses (e) = £2,490.00*


* All our prices include VAT and free shipping within the UK

(a) Quartic Online – Videos covering the entire curriculum, question banks, progress tests, mock exams, and many other useful tools

(b) Quartic printed materials – Four workbooks, one revision workbook, and one revision question bank

(c) Tutor support – One-to-One tutor support in the classroom, telephone, e-mail or Skype

(d) Revision course – Five-day revision with a choice of Weekend or Week-block classes

(e) Education Masterclasses – Eight days of Weekend education Masterclasses

Quartic Support

Quartic is here to support you at every stage of your studying. Tutors are available by phone, e-mail or Skype, or in person if you are coming to face-to-face classes. Our Support team can assist with every aspect of administration.

Please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7776 7500 or email us at [email protected] with any questions you may have and we will be happy to help you.

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