Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Program

At Quartic, we have an active Global Partnerships Programme to help our aim of supporting as many CFA candidates as possible.


We invest significant time and resources into the production of what we believe are the best CFA materials on the market and our Commercial Partners are integral to introducing those materials to as wide an audience as possible.

If you are interested in joining Quartic’s Global Partnerships Programme, please email:

[email protected]

Current Commercial CFA Partners:

The London Stock Exchange (LSEG) Academy

ABOUT The London Stock Exchange (LSEG) Academy


LSEG Academy is the London Stock Exchange Group’s own dedicated training centre, serving clients across the UK, Italy and internationally.

Its mission is to help finance professionals of all levels develop the skills, expertise and innovative thinking required to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving financial markets.

Quartic is LSEG Academy’s official CFA support partner, providing course tutors and all required training materials.

Quartic Support

Quartic is here to support you at every stage of your studying. Tutors are available by phone, e-mail or Skype, or in person if you are coming to face-to-face classes. Our Support team can assist with every aspect of administration.

Please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7776 7500 or email us at [email protected] with any questions you may have and we will be happy to help you.

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