This one day course Understanding Derivatives provides a comprehensive introduction to the main derivatives types and an understanding of the roles that they play in today’s financial system.


It explores the risks involved in trading in derivatives, including market and counterparty risk and gives practical experience in their use for risk hedging and position taking.

The course provides a full and user-friendly explanation of the terminology used in derivatives markets, and uses case studies to illustrate the benefits and risks that they present to the global financial system.


  • Financial analysts
  • Quantitative analysts
  • Risk managers
  • Corporate treasurers
  • Bond dealers and traders
  • Pension fund managers
  • Investors
  • New financial markets employees


One Day

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course delegates should have a broad understanding of the following subject areas:

  • What are derivatives and how do they relate to their underlying markets?
  • Main types of derivative contracts: forwards, swaps, futures, baskets and options
  • Key uses of derivatives: position taking and risk hedging
  • Pricing derivatives: introduction to the key valuation models
  • How derivatives are traded: overview of main markets
  • Why are derivatives viewed as being risky by regulators and other parties?


This course has no prerequisites.

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