02 Feb 2017

Energy Commodity Markets

This two day Energy Commodity Markets course provides in-depth coverage of global energy markets, their individual dynamics and the inter-relationships amongst them.
Using practical, hands-on examples and case studies, the course gives a unique insight into the main oil-related, gas, electricity, coal and nuclear markets as well as alternatives and the issues relating to each. The course examines energy markets from the perspective of all stakeholders, including users, suppliers, governments, traders and environmentalists and uses case studies to illustrate the tensions and synergies between these key players.
The main commodities contracts relating to energy are covered, including analysis of the structure of the market and the relationships between contracts traded in different markets. It also provides an insight into the key role played by transportation in energy markets and how this impacts supply, demand and prices.

Who should attend?

  • Financial analysts
  • Quantitative analysts
  • Commodity market analysts
  • Energy traders
  • Risk managers
  • Investors
  • New financial markets employees

Duncan Hughes

Two days