Foreign Exchange Markets

This one day Understanding Foreign Exchange Markets course covers the purpose of foreign exchange (FX) markets, the participants and the uses of the market for investors, treasury managers and speculators.


Includes an overview of the structure of the market and provides an opportunity to develop practical skills in deriving cross and forward rates from fundamental data and in using FX instruments to hedge risk.

The macroeconomic background to FX markets is discussed in detail, along with the dynamics driving the world’s major currencies.


  • Financial analysts
  • Quantitative analysts
  • Risk managers
  • Corporate treasurers
  • Pension Fund managers
  • Global equity fund managers
  • Global bond fund managers
  • Bond dealers and traders
  • Investors
  • New financial markets employees

One day

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course delegates should have a broad understanding of the following subject areas:

  • Overview of global FX markets and the major currency blocs
  • Market participants: investors, treasury managers and speculators
  • Market structure: role of US dollar and spot, cross and forward rates
  • Macroeconomic drivers behind FX rates, including interest rates and trade balances
  • Calculating cross and forward rates from spot rates and interest rates
  • Other FX instruments, including currency swaps, futures and options


This course has no prerequisites. Although currency analysis covers a wide range of financial and economic concepts, these will be introduced with no prior knowledge needed.

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