02 Feb 2017

Fusion Analysis

The ‘Risk on, Risk off’ mentality that has dominated activity on many of the world’s Exchanges over the last couple of years has made the task of Stock picking even harder.

The Investment discipline needs to take account of a blend of approaches – Fundamental, Technical & Behavioural. Fundamental Analysis will provide the investor with an opinion on valuation, but not necessarily any input on the timing of entry & exit points.

Finally, one of the traditional building blocks of Efficient Markets – the assumption of rational Investors – has now been seriously questioned since the emergence of Behavioural Finance as an accepted discipline. Technical Analysts have long questioned another – the concept of random walks. Fusion Analysis may be the answer.

Who should attend?

  • Financial Journalists
  • Wealth Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • Equity Research Analysts

Paul Meadows

One Day. (This course can be delivered over two days in-house)