Understanding Wealth Management

The Wealth Management community quietly looks after Trillions of pounds of Client wealth, avoiding the headlines & concentrating on confidentiality. However, while the Managers have, understandably, traditionally maintained a low profile when looking after their Clients’ interests, events of the last few years have sorely strained Client relationships.


This interactive programme will offer an insight into the management of these important relationships & the potential threats that might undermine them.


  • Professional Advisers
  • Wealth Relationship Managers & Support Staff
  • Financial Journalists
  • IT professionals selling solutions into Wealth Managers

One day

Learning Objectives

  • Wealth Management in context. How big is the market? Who are the major players?
  • Where is the revenue growth to come from? What are the implications of this?
  • Onshore vs Offshore? – The pressure is being ratcheted up on the latter
  • How do Wealth Managers measure their success?
  • How does one define ‘High Net Worth’?
  • Appealing to the ‘Mass Affluent’, Client Segmentation
  • New Money vs Old money – Private Client Requirements and Expectations
  • The importance of the Client Relationship Manager
  • Generation Y & the impact on inter-generational wealth transfer
  • How do clients choose a Bank and why might they leave?
  • Perceived Principal shifts in the importance of Banking Products and Services
  • Discretionary vs Advisory Financial Management
  • How do you differentiate your Bank from the competition?
  • Family Office – combining the roles of Accountant, Lawyer, Banker
  • Ideas for Complementary Services – Art Advisory, Philanthropy
  • How have Wealth Managers’ invested their Clients’ wealth to date?
  • Investments of ‘passion’
  • Changing Asset allocation strategies in today’s Markets
  • The management of expectation – a risk in itself
  • Financial Planning – asking the right questions
  • Client profiles and model portfolios
  • Putting together a Portfolio for a HNWI in practice


This course has no prerequisites.

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