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Welcome to Quartic’s CFA® Program Course for World Bank RAMP Clients

Welcome to Quartic and the CFA Program!

Most of you reading this will have recently embarked on a lengthy journey to achieve success in the CFA exams and to gain your CFA designation. Some of you may already be part-way along the journey, joining us for Level II or III.

At Quartic, teaching for the CFA Program has been our lifeblood since our first class in 2007 and we hope that over the coming weeks, months and years we will be able to inspire you in the world of financial analysis.

On the following pages we’ll explain how to get started, what you’ll get from us (and how to use it), as well as a proposed outline schedule. For the most part we’ll assume you have enrolled on Level I for the first time, though I will explain where Levels II and III differ.

Phase Zero: Registration

Registration is two-fold: with us and with CFA Institute.
Your registration with us is via the World Bank team. Once we have your details we’ll get books shipped to you within a couple of days and we’ll set you up on our Quartic Online portal. You should receive an e-mail confirmation from us – please do check your spam, just in case.

Your registration with CFA Institute must be done by you personally, as it includes an ethical and professional conduct commitment. Once you have registered you’ll receive the CFA curriculum in e-book form. Please check now that you have received this.

Phase One: Guided Self-Study

This phase runs from your registration until around February (for the June exam) or August (for the December exam).
You will get all the support you need from Quartic, including an initial one-to-one phone or Skype call with a tutor if you would like help discussing studying techniques or creating a personal timetable. You can call us on +44 20 7776 7500 or e-mail us at .

Your printed books include:
• Four Education workbooks, one for each of four modules; and
• Two Revision workbooks (“Summary Notes” and a question bank): you can put these aside for the time being.

Most online learning resources are available via your Quartic Online portal:
• Introductory courses on Financial Maths and Accounting: useful if you feel you need to brush up your skills. If you’re comfortable with some light algebra and you know the basics of the financial statements, then you can skip them. These courses are provided to Level I candidates only.
• Calculator tutorial: there is a strict calculator policy in the exam. The majority of candidates use the Texas Instruments BA II Plus and this tutorial reviews all the functions you’ll need.
• Video library and question banks: this is where you’ll spend much of your time. There is a video for each of your curriculum readings: we’ll cut through jargon and algebra, and instead provide intuitive explanations for each topic. Use your four workbooks to make notes, work through examples or create imaginative financial doodles. The videos are divided into sections, with quizzes separating the blocks of work. As well as these questions, we strongly suggest visiting the Q-bank after each topic.
• Progress tests: one per module, designed to test your understanding across multiple topics.
• Summary of readings and study sessions, and progress dashboard: additional tools for you to plan and monitor progress.

Advice: if you’re not sure where to start, then go to the Welcome video and listen carefully. We suggest modes of studying and help you to make best use of your time.

Phase Two: Live Education

We have a timetabled schedule of live webinar classes for Level I and Level II
Level I webinars run from approximately February to April (for the June exam) and August to October (for December). Level II is just February to April. Level III requires a different style of learning and we will communicate with these candidates directly.

Over 16 three-hour sessions, two per week, the tutor will cover the tougher topics, including lots of questions. They are highly interactive, with the tutor expecting candidates around the world to contribute with comments and suggested solutions throughout each session. Although these are scheduled for UK evening time, recordings are available shortly after the end of each class.

You may also use the Quartic Online video library at any point if you wish to go into more depth.

Phase Three: Consolidation

Now is the time to bring out your revision workbooks: Summary Revision Notes and the Question Bank.
During May or November a live 30-hour Revision class will be broadcast by webinar. The timetabling is generally UK daytime for an intense week, with catch-up videos available a few hours after the end of each class.
Following Revision you will have an online mock exam, testing you across all topics and providing useful guidance on how to study in your final few weeks.


To succeed in this exam takes commitment, careful planning, and smart studying. We hope that you will find Quartic to be a great study partner as you progress through the CFA Program.

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