COVID-19: Updates to the CFA® exams

24 / 04 / 2020
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General CFA Exam Information Update

As you may know, the June 2020 exams for the CFA Program have been postponed to December 2020 for all three levels.

Candidates enrolled for June 2020 are being given the option to take either of the next two sittings, i.e. (1) for Level I, December 2020 or February 2021, (2) for Levels II and III, December 2020 or June 2021. The curriculum has been frozen at all levels, so that the 2020 readings will apply for the 2021 exams. The next curriculum update will therefore be for the 2022 exams.

CFA Institute will be contacting candidates by 8 May with details on these choices.

All December candidates will receive their results in the new year, in time for successful candidates to progress from Level I to II, or Level II to III, in June 2021. Hence for the majority of candidates, their originally planned “CFA journey” is still achievable.

New Candidate Enrolments

Level I December enrolments remain open. For February 2021 (the first computer-based exam) enrolments are scheduled to open in mid-June.

Potential Levels II and III candidates will be able to enrol in the June 2021 exam from around July (December registrations have closed now).

Whatever your choice, and whatever happens to the CFA exams, we hope you and your families and circles remain safe.

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