Strategy implementation is one of the fastest growing areas for business leaders

07 / 08 / 2013
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Quartic Training’s strategy implementation partner, Bridges Business Consultancy, has just launched an information-packed Implementation Hub.


Strategy implementation is one of the fastest growing areas for business leaders. If you’re looking online about this new field, you no longer have to open and close an endless number of websites and blogs to find what you want. Now there is one resource center dedicated to strategy implementation.


The Implementation Hub is packed with over 300 templates, techniques, tips, tools, framework, audits, case studies, best practices and one-minute videos from various leaders and industries. 


The HUB features four broad categories:


  1. Introduction to strategy implementation – why implementation has become a leadership field in its own right
  2. A framework: the Implementation Compass™ – identifying the eight areas of excellence for execution
  3. Tools, Tips & Techniques – to support your leadership efforts
  4. Resources – to smooth out every step of your implementation process


A mixture of media has been adopted in every category: videos, PDFs and multimedia presentations. In fact, no area is static and constant updates are provided.


Some of the highlights include:


  • One minute on implementation – multiple videos from various industry experts sharing a key implementation message.
  • Templates – various templates to support strategy implementation
  • Assessment Tools – audit your own ability as a leader to execute strategy and your organization.
  • Business Trivia – interesting and fun facts on business
  • Executive Coaching – 90 days online support and coaching during your implementation
  • Case Studies – various case studies with key lessons


An annual membership allows you to download easy-to-use materials that support your implementation as you require them and the unlimited membership for a company at just US$30,000 allows everyone to learn and benefit from the HUB. Also if you opt in, you’ll also receive the biweekly newsletter “In the HUB”, with latest additions, most popular sections, members’ comments and implementation tips.


Become part of the implementation community. Join the Your portal to strategy implementation success and click on “BE A MEMBER” today.


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