This is a dedicated page for EBRD candidates with all the relevant information relating to the CFA® Program and the support provided by Quartic.

“Quartic has been preparing candidates for the CFA exam for ten years, and of all the delegates on our courses those employed with EBRD stand out academically from other candidates. In class they are generally forthright of opinion, quick to challenge, but also eager to absorb new ideas. In exams they consistently dominate the top scores and it is always a pleasure to see EBRD delegates progress swiftly through the three levels. Some candidates begin their studies from less mainstream backgrounds and, with our support, reach the required standard by studying extensively in their own time – the level of dedication amongst such people is truly inspiring, for us as well as for other candidates.”

Watch this introductory video for a quick overview:

Here is an overview of the typical support candidates receive from Quartic:

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Below are the study options available:

Phase One – Remote Learning

One-to-one tutor introduction
Our support begins on the day you enroll with us. All of our candidates are invited to a one-to-one meeting or phone call with a course tutor. The instructor will explain the CFA curriculum and discuss studying techniques that suit the individual candidate.

Online classroom

Each CFA Program curriculum reading is presented via online streaming videos, with detailed tutor explanations, graphic visuals and regular questions to test your comprehension. Our “Quartic Online” environment enables you to view the media on laptop, mobile phone or tablet. There are 50 to 70 hours of video in total per level, interspersed every 15-20 minutes with hundreds of multiple-choice questions.

Teaching materials

You will receive a full set of Quartic CFA Education workbooks. Quartic splits the Education phase into four modules and there is one book for each module. These books cover every Learning Outcome Statement in the curriculum – the slides provide clear, intuitive explanations and include many inspiring hints to add that sparkle to the technical topics.

Progress Tests

We will provide you with a progress test for each topic. These are of exam style and difficulty and are designed to give you an idea of how well you have understood each topic.


We will provide you with a dedicated e-mail address so that we can answer any questions that you have on the materials. You may also contact our instructors by phone, Skype or in person, and we have an evening helpline available in the final weeks before the exam.

Schweser Essential Materials (optional)

Optionally, as an add-on you will also receive the complete study package from Schweser which includes five study notes books, Schweser’s QuickSheet, two practice exam books, an online study planner, Schweser’s IntsructorLink and also the Schweser Pro question bank.

Phase Two – Revision (including face-to-face option)

Increase your exam chances by combining your CFA distance learning with a five-day classroom Revision course. During the training sessions each topic in the CFA curriculum is reviewed in summary and key concepts and calculations are discussed, but the main focus is on question practice. By the end of the course you should feel far more confident that you will be able to answer the questions on the day.
Although this is presented face-to-face in our London training centre, it is also live-streamed if you prefer to avoid the travel. Soon after the end of each session the video is available on demand to allow candidates to review content or catch up.
If you are unable to attend a classroom Revision course in London then your Revision workbooks will be delivered to you alongside the Education and Schweser materials.

Mock Exam

This is a full six-hour exam designed for you to test yourself shortly before the actual exam – this enables you to see which subjects you need to focus on for the final stretch. The mock can be taken online and is also available in print form.

Other options, including live-streamed Education course webinars, are available – please speak to us.

CFA registration process

As a condition of the CFA Institute’s prep provider program, Quartic is unable to register candidates as a group registration. Candidates must complete their own applications, including the Professional Conduct Inquiry, the Professional Conduct Statement, and the Candidate Responsibility Statement. Failure to do so constitutes a violation of the Candidate Responsibility Statement.

Sponsorship and Funding

Please refer to the Bank’s academic and professional study page for the Bank’s policy guidelines.  If you have been invited to study CFA Level I through the Core Banking Skills programme then the study costs will be paid from a central banking budget providing that you enroll within 8 weeks after completing the programme.

To enquire please contact us by writing to to 

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