CFA® Program for London Stock Exchange Group

The London Stock Exchange Group and Quartic are delighted to offer training for all levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) Program

We would like to welcome all current and future CFA candidates within the London Stock Exchange Group.

Most of you reading this will have recently embarked on a lengthy journey to achieve success in the CFA exams and to gain your CFA designation. Some of you may already be part-way along the journey, joining us for Level II or III.

At Quartic, teaching for the CFA Program has been our lifeblood since our first class in 2007 and we hope that over the coming weeks, months and years we will be able to inspire you in the world of financial analysis.

The flyer you can download here provides you with basic information about our CFA training course.

Registration for LSEG Candidates

Registration is two-fold: with us and with CFA Institute.
Your registration with us is via the LSEG team. Once we have your details we’ll get books shipped to you within a couple of days and we’ll set you up on our Quartic Online portal.
Your registration with CFA Institute must be done by you personally, as it includes an ethical and professional conduct commitment. Once you have registered you’ll receive the CFA curriculum in e-book form.

You shall receive detailed information on the above by email upon your initial registration with us.

Study Options

You can choose between four study options:
Silver: Guided Self-Study using the Quartic Online and the Quartic CFA Book Set (6-6 books on Level I and II and 5 books on Level III)
Gold Education: Silver + Live Online Education Workshops
Gold Revision: Silver + Live Online Revision Workshops
Platinum: Silver + Live Online Education and Revision Workshops

Course Elements

Quartic Online
Your Quartic Online portal is your comprehensive online resource platform including:
– Video Library
– Question Banks
– Progress Tests
– Mock Exams
– Progress Dashboard
– Calculator Tutorial (exam support course)
– Introduction to Accounting (exam support course)
– Essentail Financial Maths (exam support course)

Tutor Support
Our support begins on the day you enrol with us. Whether in person or online, via Skype, email or telephone, our tutors are available for any queries you may have throughout your studies.

Quartic Books
We invest significant energy and resources into producing what we believe are the best materials on the market today. The printed workbooks accompany the tuition and the revision phases as well to provide a knowledge base to be used throughout your studies. They can be used in class, with videos or for self-study.

Education Workshops
Quartic’s live online workshops provide candidates with the highest level of interaction with their instructors. Our Tutors encourage candidates to challenge technical content, as this creates more detailed discussion and a foundation for a solid understanding. All live workshops are capped at 20 participants.

Revision Workshops
Our live online revisvion workshops are interactively live streamed, giving you the ability to participate in the revision class in real time from any timezone and on any device. All live workshops are capped at 20 participants.

Additional Study Support Materials
Upon request we can provide candidates, as an add-on, with the Schweser Essentials as additional study support material.

The course structure and the course option costs in are available in a summarised format for download here.

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