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For more than a decade Quartic has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, providing them and their employees with the unique style of Quartic education. Our all-round solutions are flexible and provide the widest possible coverage while making sure that our corporate partners bear the lightest possible administrative burden.

We provide you with a single point of contact for all your queries and ensure you receive timely and accurate information. For exam courses we can help with the exam enrolment process and provide you with attendance reports.

For more details or specific enquiries please get in touch with us, or read more in the Detailed Info tab.

The Quartic Method

We teach with a passion, using inspiring teaching methods for all levels of delegates. From exam courses that include intuitively simple shortcuts, to bespoke programmes for Senior Executives designed around complex case studies, Quartic prides itself on making our courses highly interactive and enjoyable to attend.

We have a decade of experience in live online education that theeffects of Covid-19 has brought into focus so widely. We offer the best practices for a wide range of online classrooms from education to revision, from short to 100+ hours long live online courses.

Using our technical capabilities we are able to syndicate our content or to build out a direct integration between Quartic’s and your corporate LMS as well. We also provide bespoke curriculums to specifically targeted corporate audiences offering an adaptive learning enviroment with agile micro-learning capabilities. Utilising spaced repetition, interleaved learning and adaptive delivery we cover and close knowledge gaps.

We offer specific measurements of the results, based 90% on effective testing and only 10% on candidate feedback, making sure that your tracking and evaluation is based on factuality.

For more details or specific enquiries please get in touch with us.

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