When is a good time to start studying for the CFA June exam?

11 / 01 / 2016
Category: Blog

Candidates often either start studying too late or too early (and burn out before the exam). Whilst cramming all the material at the last minute might work for some, in general, this will not be a successful strategy for most candidates. In addition, if you only study for the exam, you will likely forget most of the concepts soon after the exam.

In our experience, January is a good time to start studying. The festive season is behind us and the days are still dark and cold, which makes studying easier than when all your friends around you are having barbecue parties!

Given the recommended study time of minimum 300 hours per level, and roughly 22 weeks remaining until the exam, this would mean an average study time of 14 hours a week if you started right now. Leave it any later, and that number increases!

During your first approach to the new material, your goal should be to get the general gist of the material without spending too much time on each. It is critical that you do the practice questions at the end of each session.

Refer to our website for course details for all three levels starting in February. We are happy to assist you in developing your own individual study plan.


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