CFA Level III curriculum 2017 – changes from 2016

04 / 08 / 2016
Category: Blog

The changes to the Level III CFA curriculum in 2017 are on the topic “Risk Management for Individuals” within the Private Wealth Management study session.

More specifically, these are the changes:

  • The Level III curriculum remains largely unchanged this year, with only one reading being replaced.
  • Reading 12 (“Lifetime Financial Advice”) has been replaced by the new reading “Risk Management for Individuals”. Some of the topics overlap with last year’s reading, but it has been written by different authors and uses new examples etc.
  • A few minor (cosmetic and spelling) changes have been made to some of the remaining readings.
  • We will in due course publish our updated materials for reading 12, but in the meantime you can start your studies by working through the remainder of the curriculum.

All of the Quartic materials have been fully updated to reflect new content and any LOS updates, and of course as a candidate you have the full 2017 CFA curriculum.


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