02 Feb 2017

Equity Valuation Workshop

For Companies listing on Exchanges, understanding the methodologies employed by Investment Bank Analysts & investing Fund Managers is key to establishing a healthy working relationship for Investor Relations departments & their new Shareholders.

The Valuation ‘tools of the trade’ vary between sectors; understanding which to apply, where & when, is essential knowledge for anyone involved in today’s Equity Markets, either as an Investor or in an advisory Client-facing role.

The programme will be interactive, with the emphasis on the practical rather than theoretical. Participants will require access to laptops for the Excel-based Valuation modelling Case Studies.
Who should attend?
Professionals working in:

  • Investor Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Corporate Finance
  • Brokerage Research
  • Fund Management
  • Equity Capital Markets

Tutor: Paul Meadows

Duration: Two days