Financial Modelling

You will learn essential, best practice financial modelling techniques, and how to apply them in different situations, giving you the confidence and ability to develop sophisticated financial models.

The breakdown of the Financial Modelling programme is as follows.

Classroom Course: Quartic printed materials (a) + Tutor Support (b) + Live Classes (c) = £960.00

* All our prices include VAT

(a) Quartic printed materials – One 6-part workbook with hand-out exercises and answers leading to a complete financial model

(b) Tutor support – One-to-One tutor support in the classroom, telephone, e-mail or Skype

(c) Live Classes – Two days of education classes

All prices are net, VAT will be added where applies.


Delegates will learn the intricacies of constructing a financial model that is both comprehensive but also user-friendly and will cover the following topics:

  • Building a model
  • Modelling cash
  • Financial statements
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • DCF valuation
  • Graphics & Data Tables

The next available live classes are:

To be determined
Classes begin at 9:30 and end at 16:30 each day.


  • Gain skills to develop advanced financial models
  • Sets you apart from professionals with more basic Excel skills
  • Hands-on experience gives you practice during class


  • Working knowledge of Excel
  • Understanding of basic financial concepts and financial statements

Furthermore, if you come from a non-financial background, consider taking our introductory financial maths or accounting course before you start your studies.

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