Natural Gas Courses

Quartic’s natural gas courses look at the fundamentals of this industry and provide students with a solid foundation for understanding the undoubted opportunities and possible challenges facing this dynamic sector of the oil and gas industry.

As our world continues to grapple with the issues posed by global warming many believe that natural gas usage will be key to achieving global GHG emission reductions. As the cleanest of the fossil fuels an increased market share is foreseen in the future. However, this growth in market share will only be achieved via implementation of numerous large-scale natural gas projects in all areas of the world including LNG projects, pipelines, and development of unconventional resources, such as shale gas and CBM.

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Introduction to LNG

Length – 4 sessions of approx. 2.5 hours online

An introduction to the structure of the LNG industry. This course provides an overview of the LNG industry, its drivers, the technologies used, recent developments such as FLNG in addition to an introduction to LNG project structures, contracts and pricing. Suitable for students who are new to the LNG sector and/or those with a non-technical background.

Subjects covered include:
• Overview of the LNG industry
○ The LNG value chain; Liquefaction, Shipping and Regasification
• Floating LNG
• Small Scale LNG
• Major Players and Major Projects
• Overview of LNG Markets and Trade Flows
• Commercial Drivers
• LNG Contracts and Pricing
• LNG Trading
• The Future of LNG.


The Natural Gas Value Chain

Length – 2 sessions of approx. 2.5 hours online

This course provides an overview of the natural gas value chain covering subject areas such as the drivers for natural gas demand, its key uses and its characteristics. It is suitable for those from a non-technical background.

Subjects covered include:
• Introduction to Natural Gas as an Energy Source
• Drivers of Gas Demand
• The Natural Gas Value Chain
• Exploration and Production
• Processing
• Transportation of Gas – Pipelines and LNG
• Utilization of Gas – Power Generation, Petrochemicals, Industrial Usage.


Options for Utilising Natural Gas / Reducing Gas Flaring

Length – 4 online sessions of approx. 2.5 hours

A course delivered online that provides a detailed look at the options for developing natural gas fields. The course looks at a wide variety of options for the avoidance of gas flaring by utilising gas, both in domestic and export markets. It is suitable for those who are new to the oil and gas industry or those who have limited experience in the natural gas sector and are looking to expand their knowledge. It is also useful for anyone involved in future energy planning e.g. government officials.

Subjects covered include:
• Natural Gas Resources Worldwide
• Overview of Natural Gas Markets and Drivers for Natural Gas Demand
• Exploration and Production:
• Natural Gas Utilisation Options: A review of the key gas monetisation options including techno-economic evaluation, market review and risk analysis for the following utilization options:
○ Natural Gas as Fuel: Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Transport
○ Pipelines and Virtual Pipelines
○ Power Generation
○ Petrochemicals: Methanol and Methane to Olefins, Fertilizers (Urea and Ammonia)
○ Gas-to-Liquids
○ LNG – including Floating LNG and Small-Scale LNG
• Economic Assessment/Socio-economic Review of Options
• Gas Master Plans
• Case Studies of the development of natural gas industry including Qatar, Trinidad and Australia.

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