Quartic Executive Mentoring, QEM

At Quartic we have a passion for teaching towards the CFA® Program: our full-time faculty consists of CFA charterholders, each with an average experience of nearly 20 years of financial education.

Our new Quartic Executive Mentoring addresses the time pressures of busy professionals. Your working week is varied and often unstructured, your calendar too unpredictable for regular workshops or evening classes. Studying must be on your own terms.

And yet the CFA Program is as challenging as ever.

Quartic Executive Mentoring, QEM

Quartic understands that mentoring for the CFA Program must be versatile and efficient, generating the maximum value-added from each session.

Each CFA charterholder in the Quartic faculty has the experience and knowledge to provide the flexibility that each QEM client needs: you will receive fully bespoke mentoring and guidance to build up the pace and keep your learning on track.

With QEM you will, as you would expect, have access to our comprehensive library of videos, question banks, progress tests and mocks. You will have printed workbooks, and we will reserve a space on any live scheduled workshop should you wish to attend, even if spaces are limited.

However, it is the one-to-one mentoring that differentiates this learning route from more conventional schedules of classes.

During mentoring sessions our charterholders can:

  • Focus on the most important or challenging technical content
  • Provide intense question practice
  • Set out a plan of action with goals to keep you on track.

Mentoring sessions run up to weekly in frequency, with tutors available between 08:00 and 22:00 UK time. Other times and weekends may also be arranged.

Quartic Executive Mentoring provides outstanding value to your studying.

We are strictly limiting the number of mentees that we can accept. If you would like to find out more then please contact us on or +44 20 7776 7500.

Benefits of Quartic Executive Mentoring

Bookable weekly one-to-one sessions with your dedicated personal mentor.

Personalised support in developing and sticking to a study schedule to stay on course to exam success. Your personal mentor will help you set specific goals, set out a plan of action and help keep you motivated to remain committed and on track.

You will receive one-to-one support on areas of weakness as well as tips for developing effective and efficient study strategies and exam technique.

Your personal mentor will work with you to combat exam nerves and develop the confidence and emotional resilience required to give your best performance on exam day.

We are strictly limiting the number of mentees that we can accept. If you would like to find out more then please contact us on  or +44 20 7776 7500.

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