Treasury Management

This two day Understanding Treasury Management course covers the essential skills and market knowledge required in effective treasury management.


The course provides a deep understanding of the issues facing treasury managers and the techniques required in identifying and managing sources of risk.

The course covers all of the principle securities and derivatives used in contemporary treasury management and how they are used by market participants. The course is delivered using practical hands-on examples and case studies to illustrate the key points.


  • Financial analysts
  • Risk managers
  • Corporate treasurers
  • Money market dealers and traders
  • Investors
  • New financial markets employees

Two days

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course delegates should have a broad understanding of the following subject areas:

  • The treasury management function: roles and responsibilities
  • Recap of financial mathematical tools
  • Introduction to asset and liability management
  • Cash ladder modelling of asset and liability cash flows
  • Introduction to money markets and principal security types
  • Main derivatives used in treasury management, including swaps and FRAs
  • Managing foreign exchange risk: using the FX markets to manage risk
  • What can go wrong? Case study examples and analysis


This course has no prerequisites. Although treasury management covers a wide range of financial and economic concepts, these will be introduced with no prior knowledge needed.

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