02 Feb 2017

Understanding Investment Banking

Rarely out of the news (for all the wrong reasons) & now described as ‘Casino’ Banking by sceptical Politicians & Regulators, the reputation of today’s Investment Bankers has probably not been this low for a long time.

Nevertheless, for the Financial Markets to function, healthy Investment Banks are a prerequisite. Much of what these complicated organisations do is not fully understood. Governments rely on them to arrange their (increasingly large) funding requirements; Corporates rely on them to arrange new Listings on the world’s Exchanges; Financial Institutions rely on them to execute transactions on those same Exchanges.

Who should attend?

We welcome all participants; in particular this course is highly recommended for:

  • New joiners in Investment Banking
  • Financial Journalists
  • Regulators responsible for Investment Banks
  • IT providers selling solutions to Investment Banks

Tutor Paul Meadows

Duration Half day